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About Vegan Fusion:

Bo Rinaldi, Cofounder, Vegan Fusion: Bo is the visionary devoted to healing and service that introduces the blossoming lotus to the international community. A natural food chef of over forty years, experiencing first hand that “food is your best medicine,” he deeply believes that nonviolence and the vegan lifestyle is the path to Global Peace. A post-technology entrepreneur and angel investor, his focus is on assisting groups that wish to bring about a positive shift in personal and worldwide transformation.

Vegan Fusion

Vegan Fusion is dedicated to the promotion of the Vegan diet and lifestyle as a means to Planetary Peace. Guided by the principles of ahimsa, or nonviolence, it serves to educate and inform on the benefits of Veganism on a personal and global level.

For more information on being a vegan and about vegan fusion projects, please visit VeganFusion.com.

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