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About Organically Grown Company:

Organically Grown was formed in 1978 as a support organization for Oregon’s organic farmers

Since 1982 OGC has served as the largest wholesaler of organic fruits, vegetables and herbs in the Pacific Northwest. We provide service to a broad spectrum of accounts, including natural and fine foods retailers, supermarket chains, restaurants, juicing companies, food processors and other wholesalers.

As a business created by farmers, OGC continues to work closely with the northwest’s growers to supply local communities with high-quality produce. Our own LADYBUG Brand represents the efforts of 36 local farms who supply us with over 120 different fruits and vegetables in seasons.

Utilizing the advantages that a small trade system offers, we purchase over 90% of our product line directly from the growers. Typically, our trucks move highly perishable items from farms, through our facilities, and out to accounts within days. Our line consists of the broadest offering of organic produce available, usually over 200 items. You will find that organic produce today is as attractive and well-packed as its conventional counterpart while offering superior flavors and strong promotional advantages.

OGC’s marketing staff have been active in all aspects of our trade. As growers, wholesalers, retailers and brokers, we use our experience to help our accounts establish and maintain high-quality organic produce programs. We understand that the growth of the organic foods trade requires that the same values used to produce organic foods are used in conducting the business of selling them. Our approach to business emphasizes long-term relationships and the concept of “value”. We provide accurate descriptions of product quality and pricing that reflects the product’s value.

As we see it, our job isn’t simply selling produce, it’s assisting in the development of successful organic produce programs. We’re in the business of providing a food supply that is healthier for people and the environment, and one that assures you of all the color, aromas, and flavors that organic fruits and vegetables deliver.

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