The Right to Eat: Exploring Food Policy, Access and Equity

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19. September 2006 | Category Podcasts | 0 Comment »

Podcasts 101:
You can listen to audio files via podcasts at the time and place of your choosing. Some people prefer to listen directly from their computer, thats right! you don’t need an iPod to listen to podcasts, just click on the “Play Now” link at the top of every WSFNC Podcast Series progam, or on-the-go by synching up to a portable MP3 player. To do this you’ll need Podcast software installed on your computer prior to subscribing. Each program will have instructions for subscribing to podcasts and how to customize your settings.

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1) Click on the Subscribe to RSS Feed podcast link.
2) Copy the link (PC users: right click and select “Copy Shortcut,” Mac users: click and hold the mouse button and then select “Copy”)
3) Paste the link into the subscription field of your podcasting software. This process may vary depending on your software.

The audio for every WSFNC conference session and keynote will be available at or